Velus Jones Athletic Testing

The more I look at Velus Jones athletic testing, the less it makes sense. I tried to adjust athletic testing numbers for body mass density, something I’ve seen from @MontelNFL. Did this by relating testing numbers of pounds per inch of height and showing as a percentile rank.

Velus Jones Athletic Testing

Nobody this fast in the pool of ~100 players tested this poorly in agility, even after adjusting for body mass density. I only looked at players who completed all testing. One thing that I have noticed in all of this is that the 2022 draft class was historic in the 10-yard split.

Velus Jones Athletic Testing

That makes me wonder if the 2022 class numbers are not super comparable to previous years due to the faster track. The 2022 numbers are even more noticeable in the raw timing numbers that are not adjusted for body mass.

Velus Jones Athletic Testing

Ultimately, I’m ending up at body mass adjusted athletic comps (non-rookies) for Velus Jones of:

  • Aaron Dobson
  • Golden Tate
  • Racey McMath
  • Kawaan Baker
  • Gabriel Davis
  • Curtis Samuel
Testing Results

I decided to look at testing for players since 2000 meeting the following criteria:

  • 40 time = 4.35 or less
  • Vertical = less than 40″
  • Broad = less than 125″
  • 3-Cone = greater than 7.00
  • Shuttle = greater than 4.25

Nine wide receivers met all criteria, and Velus Jones is the only one over 200 lbs.

specific criteria test

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