Super Bowl Preview with Video

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Super Bowl Preview Graphics

Check out these impressive graphics, sorted by losses then wins for every game Cincinnati and Los Angeles have played this year. The graphics include their game results in terms of whether they win or lose, what the point deferential was, and the number of turn overs occurred during a specific game. Additionally, the graphic also ranks the opponent in each category using a simple scale of one thru thirty-two.

The categories here consist of pass offense, pass protection, run offense, pass defense, pass rush, and run defense. To simplify the graphic for the Super Bowl Preview, we tried to consolidate multiple things into each category. For example, pass offense is a combination of pass DBOA, pass EPA and pass success rate. Another example would be our pass protection category. @ButkusStats is kind enough to uniquely craft our pass protection stats using a ton of mathematical and scientific equations. The formula analyzes the sacks and pressured allowed vs their schedule and what their opponents have averaged. So really, it is trying to look at the number of sacks and pressure they should allow a team vs the number of sacks and pressure allowed. Yeah, science is cool.

Preview Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals Preview

Click play on the video below to watch our Super Bowl Preview on the Cincinnati Bengals!

Fact: The Bengals have covered +4.5 in seventeen of nineteen games this year, or 89% of the time (excluding week 18).

Super Bowl Preview Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Preview

Click play on the video below to watch our Super Bowl Preview on the Los Angeles Rams!

Fact: The Rams have covered -4.5 in ten of twenty games this year, or 50% of the time.

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