Quarterback Fantasy Rankings

NFL Fantasy Rankings and Tiers for the top 15 quarterbacks leading up to the 2022 NFL season.

Here, we finish our NFL fantasy football rankings series with our top 15 quarterbacks for the 2022 NFL season. The general assumption here is for single QB, half PPR leagues. Each tier should be considered as such, a tier. The individual ranking within each tier does not speak as loudly as the tiers themselves. All ADP and strength of schedule figures are sourced from PFF and Fantasy Pros. Additionally, do not forget to check out our YouTube page for NFL team-by-team breakdowns going into week one! Make sure you like & subscribe!

Tier 3 Quarterbacks

Tier 3 Fantasy Quarterbacks for the 2022 season
  • Jared Goff has become undervalued from a fantasy football perspective. He holds an ADP of 196 and is going between picks 131 and 275. In 2021 he ranked as QB25 averaging 14.2 point per game, and he ranked as QB18 the previous year’s averaging 16.9 points per game. It should also be noted that for much of 2020, Goff was playing through injury. Considering the weapons that the Lions have added, their stout OL, and year two in the offensive system, we think Goff is a safe bet to produce a top 15 QB season.
  • Trey Lance is a boom or bust pick, but we love the supporting cast around him. Add that on top of his traits, and you have a high upside pick at the QB position. With an ADP of 100 and a draft range between picks 56 and 131, there is some serious potential for value. Lance should open that 49ers offense up downfield and create an even more multiple run scheme with the use of his legs.
  • Aaron Rodgers is a tier 1 QB with tier 5 weapons this season. And that is the only reason he is down here in tier 3. Maybe he belongs in tier 2? Until I see the Packers offensive weapons doing something worthwhile, he is staying here. Maybe I am just a hater, but I am not drafting Rodgers until later due to all the uncertainty around that offense. Rodger has an ADP of 93 and is being drafted between picks 70 and 118. Not a bad flier in the 10th round for a proven commodity, but not worth a more premier pick in my opinion.

Tier 2 Quarterbacks

Tier 2 Fantasy Quarterbacks for the 2022 season
  • Dak Prescott has an ADP of 90 after finishing the 2021 season ranked as QB9. His draft range is between picks 61 and 116. There are real questions about how Dak will manage the loss of Amari Cooper and the early season absence of Michael Gallup. Now, we add the loss of left tackle Tyron Smith on top of that, and there are a lot of questions for the Cowboys offense. Can rookie WR Jalen Tolbert step up for them? Can Dak do it on his own? His floor is proven from a fantasy perspective, but I would tread cautiously here.
  • Russell Wilson has an ADP of 80 and is going between picks 54 and 116. This is one QB I am higher on than most. Russ will be playing with an explosive Broncos WR room, and explosive TE, and a solid offensive line. While I have some questions about the new head coach, I think Russ should be able to put up one of his better fantasy football seasons in recent memory. Especially after factoring in the shootouts we might see out in the AFC West.

Tier 1 Quarterbacks

Tier 1 Fantasy Quarterbacks for the 2022 season
  • Justin Herbert is QB1 for me this season. He has an ADP of 37 and is going between picks 34 and 70. Herbert will lead an absolutely stacked Chargers offense including Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, Gerald Everett, and a stout offensive line. In 2021, Herbert was already QB2 in fantasy scoring. Expect that type of production to continue as he really settles into the NFL in 2022. Even with an improved defense, I think the shootout nature of the AFC West will boast well for every QB in that division.
  • Lamar Jackson is QB2 for me, and I was very close to putting him at QB1. Jackson has an ADP of 49 and is going in the range of picks 34 through 95. After spending a large portion of 2021 dealing with injuries and illness, Jackson is playing out a contract year with the Ravens in 2022. Despite only playing 12 games in 2021, Jackson still ranked as QB15 in total scoring and QB7 in points per game. With the Ravens renewed commitment to running the football and buying into Lamar’s strengths in 2022, I expect him to have a massive fantasy season. In the first 8 games last season, Jackson had 3 games over 30 points and averaged 25.4 points per game. However, he only played 4 games the rest of the season, averaging 12.4 points per game. In his contract year, I am banking on a healthy Lamar Jackson for the full season. Which, historically, means excellent fantasy production. 

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