2023 NFL Draft Guide

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Welcome to the Butkus Stats 2023 NFL Draft Guide! This draft guide was created by Quinten Krzysko (Twitter: @ButkusStats) and is jointly presented by On Tap Sports Net and Shaving Points Podcast. You can find the draft guide (available via either Google Sheets or PDF) and the user guide (what you are reading now) on either website.

Accessing the NFL Draft Guide

First things first, you will need access to the document, which is available in Website, PDF, and Google Sheets format. If you would like to use the Website format, just keep scrolling. Links to the Google Sheets and PDF format are below:



If you are using the Google Sheets format, open the link and save a copy of it so my inbox does not fill up with requests to edit the master document. I will not let you edit the master document. However, you are welcome to save a copy of the master document and edit it as you please.

How do you save a copy for yourself? Easy. Go click “File” in the top left corner of the screen, then click on “Make a Copy”. 

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Player Cards

In the “Player Cards (Dropdown)” tab, you will find scouting information for roughly 200 players who have entered the NFL Draft. There is one box highlighted in orange. The orange box represents the dropdown box that you can use to change what draft prospect reviewing.
All of the strengths and weaknesses found in each player card are based on my opinions after reviewing game tape. Due to film access limitations and a time crunch, I was not able to get them all.

Here are a few notes for reviewing the player cards:

  1. 1. Pro day athletic testing has always been difficult to track. But this year, thanks to Alex Katson, It was easy! Alex tracked every pro day in a Google Sheet that is available to the public.
  2. 2. The athletic testings numbers are accompanied by a Relative Athletic Score (RAS), thanks to the hard work of Kent Lee Platt. Give him a follow on twitter, if that is your thing.
  3. 3. Most of the information about team captains, junior college, graduation status, and “Character / Other” was derived from Dane Brugler’s Draft Guide for The Athletic.
  4. 4. All stats provided at the bottom of each player card were obtained from PFF.
  5. 5. Every single one of the “100% Not Made Up Fun Facts” are absolutely true, and should not be viewed in any other way. But I cannot share my sources.

NFL Draft Guide Summary

Beyond that, you will find my top 150 players rankings, a “Consensus Big Board” that consolidates the boards of 10 well known draft analysts, and then a tabs for ranking individual players within each position group.

I should note that this board is specific to the Chicago Bears and their positional needs. Therefore, positions like QB, LB, and RB might seem undervalued while positions like iDL, EDGE, and OT might seem overvalued.

Additionally, the Draft Guide is provided at no cost. However, donations are accepted via PayPal and are greatly appreciated.

Happy drafting folks! If you like this draft guide, don’t forget to go like, follow, subscribe, and listen to Shaving Points Podcast and On Tap Sports Net on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify or Apple Podcasts! If you have any questions or run into any issues, send me a DM on Twitter (@ButkusStats)!

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