NFL Draft Guide 2022

Welcome to the Butkus Stats 2022 NFL Draft Guide! This draft guide was created by Quinten Krzysko (twitter: @ButkusStats) and is presented by Shaving Points Podcast and On Tap Sports Net. You can find the draft guide (via Google Sheets) as well as the user guide (what you are reading now) on either website.

Using the NFL Guide

Getting Started

First things first, you will need access to the document, 2022 NFL DRAFT GUIDE. What can you expect to find here? Well, before we get into that, I want you to open the link and save a copy of it, so my inbox does not fill up with requests to let you edit the master document. I will not let you edit the master document. However, you are welcome to save a copy of the master document and edit it as you please. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS THEN THE FORMULAS IN THE SHEET WILL NOT FLOW CORRECTLY AND DROP-DOWN BOXES WILL NOT WORK.

So how do you save a copy for yourself? Easy. Go click “File” in the top left corner of the screen, then click on “Make a Copy”.

Ensure that you make a copy of the NFL Draft Guide before doing anything else.

Once you have made a copy, the new file should open, and you are off to the races!

2022 NFL Draft Big Board

You will find a consolidated big board that pulls from 13 different draft analysts to tell you the highest, lowest, and average ranking for roughly 350 players. Because of copyright laws and generally not wanting to steal others work, I have only made the top 25 rankings for each analyst visible. While their entire big boards were used to generate the average, high, and low ranks, I did not make the full data available. However, each big board is linked in the “Sources” section and you should go check each one out for yourself.

NFL Draft Guide 2022 Consolidated Big Board
2022 NFL Draft Consolidated Big Board

A handful of the big boards used are behind paywalls. Because of this, I did not feel right sharing any of their rankings in the document.

Team + Player Reports

In the “Team + Player Reports” tab, you will find data on each team, as well as scouting information for about 350 players who have entered the NFL Draft. There are two boxes on this sheet highlighted in yellow. These yellow boxes represent dropdown boxes that you can use to change what you are seeing

Team Reports

Team data is on the left hand side of the sheet. You can select any of the 32 NFL teams from the dropdown box.

NFL Draft Guide 2022 Team Reports
Team Reports for the NFL Draft
  1. Here, you find the drop down box to select any NFL team you wish to see more details about.
  2. Based on which team is selected, this box shows you that teams needs leading up to the 2022 NFL Draft.
  3. To the lower left, you see that specified teams draft picks available for the 2022 NFL Draft.
  4. On the lower right side, you see players that the specified team is expected to target based on a combination of mock drafts, team needs, and picks available. Within this table, you see player name, position, college, and average big board rank. The column titled “Available?” lists “FALSE” if the player has already been selected in the draft (as long as you input draft picks as they go).

Player Reports

On the right side of the sheet, you can select a player that you want to see more information about. For my example, I am using Bobby “The Waterboy” Boucher.

Player profiles, waterboy example
Example “The Waterboy”
  1. Up top in yellow is a drop-down box. From this box, you can select any of the 328 players included. To the right of the dropdown there is phonetic spelling (if needed) as well as known nicknames. Just below the dropdown box is the college they played for, their age, position, and big board rankings.
  2. The next section details strengths, weaknesses, and player comparisons. This section was mostly compiled from the scouting reports included in section six.
  3. Next you will find the ideal role and scheme for the player, followed by injury history and other notes (i.e. character, interesting facts, NFL bloodline, etc.). Finally, you get to the definitely not made up (but probably made up) fun facts.
  4. All athletic testing metrics are included in the top right of the table. This includes Relative Athletic Score, which is linked there as “RAS”.
  5. Below athletic testing are three personal details. These are key questions I think are important when looking at a prospect. Did they have to go to Junior College? Were they a team captain in college? Did they graduate?
  6. Finally, we get to the sourced scouting reports. These four links will take you to the specific player profile from Lance ZierleinThe Draft NetworkBleacher Report, and Pro Football Network, as applicable.

Drafted Players

This sheet is simple. Input each pick as you watch the 2022 NFL Draft. This will update the “Available?” column on the “Big Board” and “Team + Player Reports” sheets.

NFL Draft Trade Calculator

TRADES! Trades are a major part of the NFL Draft. Use this calculator to save time if you want to explore options or want to see who won a specific trade as it is announced.

NFL Draft Guide 2022 Trade Calculator
NFL Draft Trade Calculator

I input a hypothetical trade to use as an example here. Remember, everything in yellow is a drop down box. Just select the teams and picks traded, and see how the numbers play out using four different trade charts. At the bottom you can find the winner according to each model.

Pro Tip: As you are inputting “Picks Traded”, instead of scrolling to find the picks you want to include, just type the abbreviation for the team, and all of their picks will show up. i.e. To see the Bears picks, just type “CHI” in the “Pick(s) Traded” column.

Analyst Ranks

Here, you will find the 13 draft analysts used for this document and how they have ranked overall and by each position group over the last three draft classes. Methodology is sourced within the document. You can highlight the analyst in question by selecting their name from the drop-down box.


Draft experts Lance Zierlein
Photo: Indianapolis Colts

Click, follow, and interact with those who made this document possible with all of their hard work. They are the real MVPs. Especially Lance Zierlein and Dane Brugler, who put out the most extensive and thought out NFL Draft data there is.

Prospect Stats by Position

Finally, we get to the advanced stats by position group. This is simple. There is a different position group for each of the remaining tabs.

NFL Draft Guide 2022 QB Stats
2022 NFL Draft QB Stats

I am only including a screenshot for the QB position here, but there is statistical data for RB, WR, TE, OL, iDL, EDGE, LB, CB, and S.

NFL Draft Guide Summary

Happy drafting folks! If you like this draft guide, don’t forget to go like, follow, subscribe, and listen to Shaving Points Podcast on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify or Apple Podcasts! If you have any questions or run into any issues, send me a DM on Twitter (@ButkusStats)!

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