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NBA Picks

Shaving Points NBA Picks brought to you by @ButkusStats and the NBA betting model. We’re betting ATS at 60% confidence and up. Recently, our Model was enhanced to include a money line and over/under confidence index. Records at the bottom are for ATS and Moneyline.

NBA Picks 4/22

NBA Picks 4/22

Basketball Picks 4/21

basketball picks 4/21

Basketball Playoff Picks 4/20

Basketball picks 4/20

4/19 NBA Model

Haven’t been consistent with getting these out this week but re-worked NBA Playoffs model for tonight. Results since I started tracking: ATS: 1-3 ML: 11-2. I’m not putting picks out while this is testing, but I am betting everything over 50%. Parlayed the three ML bets.

NBA Picks 4/19

NBA Playoffs

Testing new NBA Model 4/12/22

Testing out a new and improved NBA Model. Not betting on it yet but going to track it for a few days. If it does well, then I will start betting it during the playoffs.

NBA Picks 4/12

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