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CBB Picks

College Basketball Bets 2/28

CBB Picks 2/26

ATS Picks are not based on confidence percentage; based on records in 3rd graphic. Many ways to use this tool. If you want a Moneyline parlay, we avoid using the Moneyline picks, and bet based on ML confidence percentage.

🟦= Pick ATS
🟩= Moneyline Pick

bets 2/26
college basketball bets 2/26
ATS Record 2/26
Moneyline record 2/26
razor edge parlay 2/26
cupcake parlay  2/26

College Picks 2/25. ATS Picks are not based on confidence %; based on records in 2nd graphic. Many ways to use this tool. Fridays have been rough all season, so bet carefully.

College bets 2/25
ATS Record 2/25
Moneyline record 2/25

Picks 2/24

ats 2/24
ml 2/24
Razor edge parlay 2/24

Depaul βœ…

Tarleton State βœ…

Murray Stateβœ…

Arizona State βœ…

Cupcake parlay 2/24

Middle Tennessee βœ…

Portland βœ…

Gonzaga βœ…

Eastern Washington βœ…

College Basketball Bets 2/23

ATS Records 2/23
Moneyline record 2/23

CBB Picks 2/22

College Basketball Bets 2/22
ATS Record 2/22
ML Record 2/22
Razor Edge Parlay 2/22

Texas Tech βœ…

Villanova ❌

St. Thomas βœ…

cupcake parlay 2/22

Texas Tech βœ…

Texas A&M βœ…

Toledo βœ…

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