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CBB Picks

Shaving Points CBB Picks brought to you by @ButkusStats and the CBB betting model. We’re betting ATS based on a historical record (also included here), picks are not based directly on the confidence percentage. Rather, based on a mix of confidence percentage and historical performance of the confidence ranges. Recently, we included a moneyline confidence index to the CBB model. For ML, we only place bets that have at least 1:1 return. So, 50%+ win confidence at plus money is where we target for individual bets. The records below include ATS and ML. Made some changes for neutral location and conference tournaments. Let’s get it!

🟦=ATS 🟩=ML

Final Results for NCAA Tournament Picks

Final numbers on the model results and @ButkusStats picks from the model for the NCAA tournament. The ride was fun early but came back down to earth from the elite 8 forward. Hopefully you came out ahead, I know I did.

Final Results NCAA Tournament

CBB Picks from the Model for National Championship

Final Four Picks

College Basketball Picks 3/27

college basketball picks 3/27
Tournament Records 3/27

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